Topcon DW-1S Wooden Heavy Duty Tripod


Topcon DW-1S Wooden Heavy Duty Tripod

Topcon wooden Tripod DW-1S is an all wooden wide frame, extension leg tripod with metal hadware. The hinges are self-adjusting and it has durable nylon bushings for soomth operation and great stability.

It features heavy-duty cast shoes with extra large spurs and hardened steel replaceable tips, for firm footing. All wooden parts are seasoned maple, an dthe tripod is bringt yellow and oragne for maximum visibility,and it has a handle to make it easy to carry. It is 5/8 x 11 inch threaded, flat-head designed. 


Model Center Pin Tripod Head Expanded Length Retracted Length  Mass 
DW-1s 5/8 " Flat 1,754 mm 1090 mm 6.7 kg