Yamayo Stilon Reel 50m NR50 Steel Single Speed

$ 100.00 + GST

Yamayo Stilon Reel 50m NR50 Single Speed


• Superior durability due to tough tape edge rustproof tape even against seawater practically unbreakable.
• Steel core completely enveloped with protective thick white Nylon...tough, durable and non-rust even against seawater.
• Stilon's sturdy tape edges make the blade life remarkably long.
• Unbreakable when bending to an acute angle and person steps on the tape and even if it is run over by truck.
• The tape is not separated into two pieces unlike the breakage of ordinary steel tapes


Nylon coated steel

 Physical Dimension:

Width: 10mm, Thick:0.5mm, Tension 50N